Biography of Jennifer Thomas

Jennifer Thomas began her career with humble beginnings.
Weighing in at 178 pounds on her 5’1 petite frame, Jennifer was fat and decided she had enough! In June 1998 she took her first single step into a journey that has taken her places she would never have dreamed of! Beginning with her first accomplishment, winning her first Bodybuilding show in 2001 and numerous others in Figure, Jennifer decided to move from Seattle, WA to Venice Beach California to be with the Best of the Best of elite fitness and bodybuilding athletes. There she was successful by getting attention in Ironman, Oxygen, Muscular Development and MuscleMag magazines. Venice Beach would also be the place where she would be introduced into the exciting and dangerous world of pro wrestling!

Meeting many pro wrestlers such as Mark Henry, the Rock, Stone Cold, Luther Reigns, Chris Masters and The Miz at Venice Gold’s gym, Jennifer was told that she should consider trying getting into WWE.  Never being a real true fan of pro wrestling , Jennifer debated if this is a route she was willing to try. In her mind wrestling was “fake” and silly , and that was something Jennifer never wanted to be associated with. However, there was one great appeal that wrestling had to offer to Jennifer and that was she could move beyond just being a great physique, she could show her talent as a great athlete as well.

In 2003 , Jennifer took her first step into a ring and was forever transformed into the magic of reality vs illusion. To entertain and connect with people and showcase her amazing physique athletic abilities all at once. No longer expecting trophies, Jennifer was now going after title belts. Right around that same time, Jennifer was introduced to Session wrestling. Being a Sexy Athlete, she figured she can earn some money by doing her pro wrestling homework by doing it for real with other women and Men!

Creating a no nonsense reputation in the business, Jennifer is known to be one of the best in the session wrestling business. She was also able to gain the respect of the pro wrestling community by moving to Atlanta and Louisville, Kentucky to train with WWE talent. There she learned from legendary Al Snow, Rip Rogers, Joey Mercury and Bill Demott. Jennifer wrestled with the best of them such as Beth Phoenix, Maryse, Rosa Mendez, Melina Perez, Kelly Kelly, Serena, Alicia Fox, Shelly Martinez and Katie Lea Burchill. Jennifer has had many try-outs with WWE and was pushed by ECW creator Paul Heyman, Tommy Dreamer and Nova. WWE decided to buy her pro wrestling name “Kharma” and use it for Amazing Kong.

However, Jennifer has learned thru her journey that the business does not have all the glitz and glamour that it appears to have. She has much respect for the wrestlers and has found her peace with knowing she may be better off being Unknown and Famous in the taboo world of Session Wrestling than being in the spotlight of mainstream pro wrestling.

What’s next for Jennifer? Catch Wrestling!!! That’s right! Jennifer has now taken herself to a whole new level! Now Jennifer is a pioneer in the rebirth of the greatest sport ever, Catch Wrestling! She will be competing in the first event for the Catch Wrestling Alliance, June 7, 2014 at UCLA, Los Angeles.

Jennifer continues to do what she loves to do. Workout, kick ass and wrestle. However she also takes the time to find opportunities to help others move forward with their passions.

Jennifer Thomas is surely a woman you will want to follow in knowing what she is up to.
A Boring Moment will never exist in this woman! Just ask anyone who has met her!
References available upon request!! :-)