Q & A with Jennifer Thomas!

Q: Where were you born? 

A: Dallas Texas

Q: Were you always athletic?

A: Yes! :)

Q: How did you start wrestling?

A: When some WWE pro wrestlers suggested it to me at the Venice Beach Gold’s gym 2003

Q: What’s your training like?

A: Very Difficult! 3 hours , 3 times a week. Consisted of conditioning drills that involved  wrestling spots .. for example .. the Universal Spot.. Lock up, shoulder tackle, drop down,leap frog and finish off with a hip toss. We would add to this spot once we got it down with bodyslams or dropkicks etc.. I cried in the bathroom for the first 6 weeks .. being slammed always knocked the wind out of me and my head would just bounce off the mat creating huge headaches.  

Q: What’s your diet like?

A: What diet? Lol I decided to enjoy life!  when I competed it was very high protein, low fat low carb diet. Now I do just the opposite

Q: What’s your favorite wrestling hold?

A: I have a couple holds that I really Love, however the one that’s the most effective in my sessions is the Headlock :)

Q: Do you enjoy dominating men?

A: Yes, I absolutely LOVE it!! Even if I was rich, I would still want to go out and offer sessions:)

Q:  Is there a guy out there you’d LOVE to wrestle?

A: Yes, John Cena .. Naked:)

Q: What was your scariest session experience?  

A: When the guy had a stroke during the session. I called 911 and that was the last I ever saw him :(  

*note* This was NOT a “squeeze” or wrestling session, simply a muscle posing session!

Q: Who was your toughest male opponent? Female opponent?

A: I only had a couple real tough male  opponents in sessions and don’t remember their names. I’ve been put in my place a couple times.. and of course I didn’t enjoy it. !!  Kristie Etzold was my first REAL competitive match I Hate wrestling women!! Anyhow, her weight and skill dominated me. She really does “change gears”  when it’s competitive.
I like nice and friendly competition. :)

Last update: 10/09/2012