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Apr. 26.

Empire Wrestling Federation April 24th. 2015

Snow Cal Chloe VS Katarina Leigh

Snow Cal Chloe VS Katarina Leigh


Apr. 17.


Absolute Jessica Athletic Fantasy Female Domination at it’s Finest!



Apr. 17.

Fun Times in Chile with Liz Lightspeed and Hollywood!

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Apr. 09.

Get your tickets to my live Catch Wrestling match!!!

Tickets are on sale now for my Catch Wrestling match on June 7 at UCLA!!! Get your tickets by clicking here.  Thanks!!!


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Mar. 19.

Vacation of a Lifetime!

I am so excited to be going to Santiago Chile and Rio with Liz Lightspeed and Hollywood!
There will definitely be some memories made and I can’t wait to find out what they are!

Mar. 18.

Jennifer Thomas Catch Wrestler

Check out my new promo for my big match June 7 at UCLA!  I’ve been training hard.


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Mar. 05.

I do a cameo in the latest promo for the Catch Wrestling Alliance!

See if you can spot me in this new promo!  I hope all of you can come support me when I wrestle in this event, June 7 at UCLA!  Real Catch Wrestling!

Mar. 05.

Rest in Peace Billy Robinson

I never met the great wrestler and coach, Billy Robinson, but I know that he was a huge influence in the world of Catch Wrestling and Pro Wrestling. He trained my Catch Wrestling coach, Raul Ramirez of Catch Wrestling Los Angeles. We will forever be indebted to the great Billy Robinson.


Billy and Raul

Billy Robinson Pin

Mar. 01.

Come watch me compete in Catch Wrestling this June 7, 2014 at UCLA!!!

Hey guys! I’ll be doing the toughest style of wrestling ever, Catch Wrestling!  This is the father of Pro Wrestling, Freestyle, Folkstyle, and MMA!  You can win by submission or pin.  It is rough, but I love every minute of it!

Check out the Catch Wrestling Alliance!

Here is my bio on their website.

Catch Wrestling Alliance

Oct. 23.

Halloween Challenge Match with ROBIN

Well, I knew the time was going to come eventually where I would have to face off with Robin. I have heard that even thou she is smaller than me her skills are top notch. So hopefully my strength can overcome her skills! We’ll find out soon!